Materials & Process

Ever wonder what's inside your furniture? Below we share the intricate process each Georgia Victoria original piece goes through before it makes it to your home. We believe transparency of the process and locally sourced materials are of the highest importance when choosing

Douglas Fir Hand Crafted Frame

The Georgia Victoria collection is all made from locally Sourced Douglas Fir that is grown and processed in Scotland. This fast growing sustainable wood is incredibly stable and easy to work with when crafting the perfect piece. We've chosen this medium weight softwood over hardwood due to its excellent strength properties. Resistant to fungal and insect infestation makes Douglas Fir incredibly durable when exposed to the elements. Our designs are expertly crafted to hold plenty of weight ensuring longevity.

Springs and down feathers

The internal structor of your chairs and couches are in direct correlation to providing top quality comfort and supporting your health. Here we've chosen to use coil springs and down cushions that embrace and support every body for a top quality seating experience.


The final touch to your bespoke custom made piece is to choose a fabric. If you know what you want and have an uphostery friendly fabric for us to source we'd be happy to use that. Otherwise if you're undecided we can happily assist as our studio boasts a massive collection of upholstery samples that you can browse to find the perfect match to your vision. We also have a couple of display pieces and if you like what you see we can replicate using the same material. No matter the style, pattern, colour scheme or texture you're going for we can make your dream chair come true.